Come Create With Us


  • Own unique Music NFTs from Hip Hop Legends and Up and Coming Artists!

  • Music NFTs include the full song plus the STEMs from the master recording.

  • Limited-On-Chain Commercial Rights granted to Music NFT holders.

More Utility

  • Create remixes from Music NFTs you own. Mixing and matching to create your own sound.

  • Release your own limited number of Music NFT Remixes. Royalty splits apply to all projects.

  • Utilize the blockchain and smart contracts for trustless access and partner with Hip-Hop Superstars.

    It’s Time to Join the Club!



Bring Star Power to the Blockchain

Starting with our Genesis token and building on each drop; we will bring Legendary IP into the ecosystem.

Empower the Community

Provide access and opportunity for early adopters to capitalize off of the IP provided by the Hip Hop Crypto Club.

Build Tools to Usher in Retail

Build on ramps to make buying music on the blockchain easy for the common person and off ramps for equitible pay for the Artists.

If we told you anymore you wouldn’t believe us. Doubters Doubt and Haters Hate.